Made up of staff, elected leaders, and members of our congregation, the HOCC coordinates the volunteer time & talent of our church membership, and manages the HOCC Fund, to address Session-approved “Efforts.” Efforts meet unique and unforeseen needs that have arisen in our surrounding area which require the coordination of people and resources. Our current Effort is the Afghan Refugee Assistance Effort: coming alongside Afghan individuals and families resettling in our area to provide community and practical support.

There are three main ways to be involved with the HOCC: time, talent, and treasure: 

  • Time — Be a Community Partner: This is an immediate need. We are looking for groups to walk alongside new Afghan families as friends, encouragers, and mentors. You can serve with your family or friends, your Community Group, Journey Group, etc. Support can range from once-per-month coffees or meals, Zoom calls, a weekend picnic, or teaching them how to navigate the Metro. The time required is kept quite manageable for each volunteer. Sign up here.
  • Talent — Skilled Assistance: We are gathering a volunteer pool of professionals working in: medicine, law, government and immigration, insurance, trades, job coaching, and more. If you have any skill or industry expertise that you would like to volunteer, sign up, and we will contact you when one of our Afghan families encounters a specific need or consultation; you can determine your level of time investment. Sign up here.
  • Treasure — Materials & Financial Giving: Our Session has created the HOCC Fund to support these efforts (as opposed to continued use of the Deacon’s Fund). We are accepting financial gifts and materials like furniture, technology, and house items. If you would like to give financially to the HOCC Fund, you may give online or by check (mail to: McLean Presbyterian Church / 1020 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA 22101; include “HOCC Fund” in the memo line). If you have items to donate, contact us to set up a drop-off.
    • Immediate Need: We have a family of 9 with no beds and little furniture. Contact us to donate home items!

Visit HOCC’s main page or Give to the HOCC Fund.

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Louis Tucker
Chair, Heart of Christ Committee