Our covenant relationship with our heavenly father is marked by signs and seals to remind us of his affection, his covenant love for his people. When he promised to save us by the blood of Jesus Christ, by the renewing grace of his Holy Spirit, he gave us baptism as the assurance that this promise would prove true.

Staff Contact

Chelsea Custer
Director of Ministry Support
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Baptizing Children

There is no “perfect” age at which to baptize a child. When parents are ready, often around 3 – 6 months, children can be brought before the congregation for baptism. At least one parent must be a church member in order to baptize a child at our church.

We trust and pray as children grow under the instruction of their parents and the love of our community that they come to know what is promised to them in their baptism: that God saves to the uttermost all those who have faith in him. Our hope, our prayer, and our expectation is that our children will come and claim all that has been promised to them.

For more information on baptizing your children, contact Chelsea Custer ([email protected]).

Adult Baptism

While our church embraces infant baptism, we joyfully baptize individuals of all ages who have not previously been baptized. This often occurs during our new member reception. As with membership, the only requirement for baptism is a sincere profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

For more information on taking the next steps in baptism as an adult, contact Chelsea Custer ([email protected]).